ELEKTRO TEST SOLAR doo It allows you to build a solar power plant on a turnkey basis

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Preliminary Design
  • Nasty project
  • Executive project
  • Construction
  • Network connection
  • Tracking all operations
  • System maintenance

Our work begins with the production assessment for a specified micro location through software simulations (calculations, graphic and tabular representations) to technical proposals, technological expertise and support in obtaining the necessary permits for building and connecting the solar power plant to the grid.
Which significantly affects the increased profitability of your project.

Design and installation of On-Grid and Off-Grid solar power plants.

  1. Photovoltaic Off-Grid solar power plants come to the fore where electricity is needed (light, television, refrigerator, etc.), but there is no public electricity distribution network or where connection to the grid is very expensive.
  2. Design and construction of solar power plants with connection to the ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK.
  3. Design and construction of HYBRID POWER PLANTS (combination of sources: solar power plants, mini wind power plants, power distribution network, diesel generator)

The goal of the service is to design solar power plants that will efficiently use solar energy to produce electricity for a wide range of needs. Solar energy is a clean, renewable and inexhaustible resource that represents a key element in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

The main tasks of the project include:

  1. Site assessment: Identification of suitable sites for a solar power plant that have good potential for solar radiation. This assessment includes the analysis of climate data, terrain topography and the possibility of connecting to the power grid.

  2. Technical design: Development of the optimal technical solution for a solar power plant, including the selection of solar panels, energy storage facilities, energy conversion and distribution systems. This process also includes power calculations, performance analysis and investment cost estimation.

  3. Infrastructure design: Planning of all necessary infrastructure elements for the solar power plant, including the installation of panels, installation of electrical systems, access roads, fences and security measures. It also takes into account maintenance, future expansion and project management requirements.

  4. Environmental assessment: Analysis of the impact of solar power plants on the environment, including the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, biodiversity protection and water and air protection measures. The sustainability of the project should be a key element in the overall design.

  5. Legal and Regulatory Obligations: Ensuring that the project complies with all local and national laws and regulations related to the construction of solar power plants. This includes building permits, connection to the power grid and environmental regulations.

  6. Financial analysis: An assessment of the economic aspects of the project, including construction costs, operating costs, expected electricity production, electricity sales revenues and return on investment. The analysis also includes an assessment of potential subsidies and tax benefits.

  7. Operations and Maintenance Planning: Developing a detailed plan for the efficient operation and maintenance of solar power plants after construction. This includes regular performance monitoring, routine inspections, equipment maintenance and monitoring of safety protocols.

The design of solar power plants requires a multidisciplinary approach and the cooperation of experts in the fields of electrical engineering, construction, environmental protection, finance and law. Through this project, the aim is to create a sustainable and clean energy infrastructure that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotes economic development based on renewable energy sources.

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